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Inheriting the Truck DNA with outstanding advantages of fuel efficiency, durability, and safety, ISUZU D-MAX & mu-X confidently accompany customers and businesses in every profession. Join the “Protherhood” with Isuzu to become “experts” who constantly make breakthroughs in their business field. 

Following the purpose of a new corporate philosophy from Isuzu Motors Limited – “Moving the World – for You”, Isuzu Vietnam has been bringing optimal transportation solutions to affirm our important role in the operation chain of businesses and accompanying “experts” in many different professions. We constantly support individuals and businesses to optimize profits, promote the development of the economy, and thereby help to create a better life. 

Isuzu Vietnam is proud to announce the launch of its “Professionals x Emotional” campaign. This campaign celebrates the remarkable legacy and adaptability of Isuzu’s Light Commercial Vehicles (LCVs). Isuzu’s LCV is a high-quality, high-performance product that inherits the Truck DNA used under harsh conditions & widely accepted by professional users. Ideal professional users include transportation service, construction, agriculture, police, bank…

The campaign’s key message is Join the “Protherhood, aiming to become a “powerful helping hand” for customer businesses through the current product lineup. Regardless of the field you operate in, and no matter your strict requirements when looking for a vehicle for commercial purposes, Isuzu is one of the top choices that worths your consideration. 


The most outstanding advantage of the ISUZU D-MAX & mu-X is its superior fuel efficiency, thanks to the perfect combination and operation smoothly between engine, transmission, and drivetrain. In addition, the chassis structure including many high stiffness beams helps increase the ability to maneuver stably and safely through many different types of terrain. The above factors have helped ISUZU D-MAX & mu-X reduce operating or repair/maintenance costs to the lowest level, thereby increasing profits for owners and businesses. 

ISUZU D-MAX – Transportation expert for multiple professions 

Not only does it meet optimal transportation and operation needs for business activities such as retail, etc. ISUZU D-MAX is also especially suitable for traveling on rough and difficult terrains for specific occupations such as agriculture and construction. Regardless of any industry field, ISUZU D-MAX easily meets all requirements with impressive technical specifications: 

  • The vehicle’s body weight is light thanks to advanced materials for complete strength. The underbody protection panel protects the vehicle from rocks and impacts, ensuring safety and stability on all roads.

  • Large approach and departure angle provide impressive hill-climbing ability and 800mm water-wading depth.

  • The spacious cabin size with a load capacity of 450kg to 515kg (depending on version) is suitable for transporting many different types of goods.

ISUZU mu-X – Multi-utility for every experience

Besides the advantages of durability and fuel efficiency that help increase profits for businesses, ISUZU mu-X is also an effective assistant to the passenger transportation service industry thanks to its outstanding comfortability features. Using the “Universal Design” design language, ISUZU mu-X has a luxurious and spacious interior, thereby easily optimizing space for carrying passengers and luggage, providing the most relaxing and comfortable experience for every seat.

In addition, the 1.9L engine has been enhanced to reduce noise and vibration, alongside a comprehensive implementation of soundproofing throughout the body, resulting in a supremely comfortable cabin space. Thanks to that, drivers and businesses in this field can confidently give their passengers the most complete travel experience. 

Both ISUZU D-MAX & mu-X met the New Car Assessment Program for Southeast Asian Region with 5-Star (ASEAN N-CAP), especially ISUZU mu-X is equipped with Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS); along with a variety of advanced driving technologies to ensure passenger safety on every journey.

In particular, besides providing high-quality products, Isuzu always strives to help with financial optimization for businesses through attractive sales and after-sales policies with a warranty of up to 5 years or 200,000km (whichever comes first), along with a team of well-trained technicians following the global standards, thereby promising to bring great experiences to customers. 

Based on the foundation of solid trust from customers who have been using ISUZU D-MAX & mu-X, we commit to continuing to bring customer satisfaction and become an effective assistant for any business to make long-term profits.


As part of the exciting “Protherhood” campaign, Isuzu Vietnam is pleased to announce a series of upcoming activities designed to engage and inspire “professional users” across various sectors.

The campaign will include the launch of an inspiring concept video and testimonial videos featuring real-world experiences from dedicated professionals. Furthermore, Isuzu will host exclusive events focused on agriculture, construction, tourism, and rental/car service providing valuable insights into the vehicles’ versatile applications.

The Isuzu Fan Club will offer a dynamic platform for enthusiasts to connect and share their passion, while the Professional Caravan will showcase the LCVs in action. To express our gratitude to loyal customers, a special Loyalty Customer Program will be rolled out to reward their continued support.

In launching the “Professionals x Emotional” campaign, Isuzu reaffirms its commitment to providing vehicles that meet and exceed the demands of professional users. By combining technical excellence with an emotional connection to the driving experience, Isuzu aims to offer products that users can trust and love.

Join Isuzu Vietnam on this exciting journey as we celebrate the versatility and spirit of our LCVs, empowering users to accomplish their goals with confidence.

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10 May, 2024

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